Tuesday - May 24

7:00 AM -Breakfast
7:45 AM -Welcome
8:00 AM - Invited Speaker: A. J. Dean, General Electric Global Research Center
Liquid Atomization Developments and Challenges for Air-breathing Propulsion: Gas Turbines to Pulsed Detonation Engines

8:50 AM - Break

Drop Collisions
  Chairperson: J. Abraham, Purdue University, and M. Trujillo, ARL Pennsylvania State University
  Chairpersons: J. Hecht, Procter & Gamble and R. Jensen, Rocketdyne Propulsion and Power
9:00 AM Session 1A / 1
Binary Drop Collision Experiments for Drops of Greatly Unequal Size
A. M. Hales, S. L. Post, Michigan Technological University
  Session 1B / 1
Decision Analysis Based on Spray Data Using a Comprehensive Statistical Uncertainty Analysis
Charles W. Lipp, The Dow Chemical Company,
9:25 AM Session 1A / 2
Numerical Simulation of Droplet Collision Using Moving-Mesh Method
M. Dai, D. P. Schmidt, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  Session 1B / 2
Recent Developments in Gas Turbine Engine Fuel Injection Systems
L. A. Prociw, H. Shafique, Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.
9:50 AM  Session 1A / 3
Simulations of Drop-Drop Collisions with a Lattice Boltzmann Model
K. N. Premnath, J. Abraham, Purdue University
  Session 1B / 3
Modeling the Use and Effectiveness of Spray Technology in Gas Conditioning Applications
R. J. Schick, M. Thenin, Spraying Systems Co.
10:15 AM
  Chairpersons: V. Mehdi-Nejad, Simulent Inc. and D. Talley, Air Force Research Laboratory   Chairpersons: S. C. Kong, University of Wisconsin-Madison and S. Parrish, General Motors, R&D and Planning
10:30 AM  Session 2A / 1
Experimental Investigation of Liquid Fuel Atomization, Mixing and Pollutant Emissions for a 30 kW Gas Turbine Engine
C. D. Bolszo, J. L. Mauzey, V. G. McDonell, University of California, Irvine, S. Nakamura, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
  Session 2B / 1
A Secondary Atomization Model for Liquid Droplet Deformation and Breakupunder High Weber Number Conditions
C. A. Chryssakis, D. N. Assanis, University of Michigan, Department of Mechanical Engineering
10:55 AM  Session 2A / 2
Direct Numerical Simulations of Atomization of a High Speed Jet
Z. Xu, M. Kim, W. Oh, J. Glimm, R. Samulyak, Brookhaven National Laboratory, X. Li, SUNY at Stony Brook, C. Tzanos, Argonne National Laboratory
  Session 2B / 2
Interaction Mechanisms Between Closely Spaced Sprays From Micro-Hole Nozzles
S. Hou, D. P. Schmidt, University of Massachusetts
11:20 AM  Session 2A / 3
A Numerical Analysis for Flow Characteristics in a Swirl Injector
H. Park, S. D. Heister, Purdue University
  Session 2B / 3
Diesel HCCI Combustion Optimization Using Variable Geometry Sprays and Genetic Algorithms
Y. Sun, Y. Ra, R. D. Reitz, University of Wisconsin-Madison
11:45 AM Session 2A / 4
Computational Simulation of Two-Phase Flow in Simplex Atomizers
A. A. Ibrahim, M. Jog, S. M. Jeng, University of Cincinnati
  Session 2B / 4
Soot and NOx Emissions Reduction in Diesel Engines via Spin-spray Combustion
M. Bergin, R. D. Reitz, University of Wisconsin-Madison
12:10 PM
Lunch Break
Impinging Sprays
Crossflow Atomization
  Chairpersons: S. Heister, Purdue University and C. Presser, National Institute of Standards and Technology   Chairpersons: Y. Huang, The Boeing Company and K. C. Lin, Taitech, Inc.
1:30 PM Session 3A / 1
Drop/Wall Interaction Criteria and Their Applications in Diesel Spray Modeling
S.-C. Kong, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  Session 3B / 1
Study of Liquid Jet in Crossflow at Elevated Ambient Pressures
O. M. Elshamy, S. M. Jeng, University of Cincinnati
1:55 PM Session 3A / 2
Impingment Studies of G-DI Sprays at Atmospheric and Elevated Ambient Densities
P. Kay, P. J. Bowen, Cardiff University, M. R. Gold, S. M. Sapsford, Ricardo UK
  Session 3B / 2
Liquid Jet Breakup Studies in Subsonic Air Stream at Elevated Temperatures
R. R. Lakhamraju, S.-M. Jeng, University of Cincinnati
2:20 PM Session 3A / 3
High-speed Fuel Spray Interactions with Superheated Surfaces
H. Kim, M.-C. Lai, Wayne State University
  Session 3B / 3
Numerical Simulation of Liquid Jet Characteristics in a Gaseous Crossflow
M. Arienti, R. K. Madabhushi, P. R. Van Slooten and M. C. Soteriou, United Technologies Research Center
2:45 PM Session 3A / 4
Numerical Modeling and Experimental Measurements of Water Spray Impact and Transport over a Cylinder
S. S. Yoon, J. C. Hewson, Sandia National Lab, P. E. DesJardin, SUNY at Buffalo, C. Presser, National Institute of Standard and Technology, C. T. Avedisian, Cornell University
  Session 3B / 4
Breakup of Round Turbulent Liquid Jets in Air Crossflows
K. Lee, F. J. Diez, G. M. Faeth, University of Michigan, C. Aalburg, G.E. Global, K.A. Sallam, Oklahoma State University
3:10 PM 
  Chairpersons: M. Archambault, Florida Institute of Technology and S. Yoon, Sandia National Laboratory   Chairperson: M. Benjamin, Parker Hannifin Corp., and C. F. Lee, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
3:25 PM Session 4A / 1
New Modeling Techniques for Particle Flows Using The Proper Orthogonal Decomposition
B. J. O'Donnell, B. T. Helenbrook, Clarkson University
  Session 4B / 1
Comparison of Drop Surface Area Measurements obtained using Extinction and Diffraction
J. Lim, Y. Sivathanu, En'Urga Inc., P. E. Sojka, Purdue University
3:50 PM  Session 4A / 2
Comparisons of Transient Drag Coefficients of Solid Spheres and Drops
A. Wadhwa, V. Magi, J. Abraham, Purdue University
  Session 4B / 2
Networked Diagnostic Monitors for Sprayer Systems and Atomization Quality
D. K. Giles, University of California, Davis, D. Needham, Consultant
4:15 PM Technical Meetings:
Physics of Atomization/Spray Measurement and Instrumentation

5:15 PM - Close 2nd Day
5:35 PM - Travel to Banquet
5:55 PM - Arrive at UCI
7:00 PM - Banquet at Henry Samueli School of Engineering, UC Irvine
9:30 PM - Return to Hotel


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