Wednesday - May 25

7:15 AM - Breakfast

  Chairpersons: C. Lipp, The Dow Chemical Company and S. Tsai, California State University, Long Beach   Chairpersons: J. Lim, En’Urga Inc. and X. Liu, Argonne National Laboratory
8:00 AM Session 1A / 1
Key Challenges in Atomization in Consumer Product Manufacturing
J. P. Hecht, Procter & Gamble,
  Session 1B / 1
Infrared Absorption Imaging of the Near-Tip Region of a Diesel Spray
T. E. Briggs, N. A. Krupka, P. V. Farrell, University of Wisconsin, Madison
8:25 AM Session 1A / 2
Development of a High Transfer Efficiency Painting Technology Using Effervescent Atomization
C. Tricou, Pennsylvania State University, K. F. Knasiak, Spraying Systems Co.
  Session 1B / 2
Velocity and Acceleration Measurements in Diesel Sprays using a High-Speed Multi-Frame Camera and Laser Flow Tagging
S. C. Pauls, S. Wissel, G. Grünefeld, RWTH Aachen University of Technology, J. Deppe, LaVision GmbH
8:50 AM Session 1A / 3
Controlled Agglomeration using Two Impinging Sprays
J. P. Hecht, J. A. Stamper, Procter & Gamble, D. K. Giles, University of California, Davis
  Session 1B / 3
The Structure of the Very Near Field for a Diesel Spray: Results from a Ballistic Imaging Study
M. Linne, M. Paciaroni, Lund Institute of Technology, T. Hall, E. B. Walters, T. Parker, Colorado School of Mines
9:15 AM
Spray Modeling
Pharmaceutical / Electrostatic
  Chairpersons: M. Jog, University of Cincinnati and P. Beard, IFP   Chairpersons: D. K. Giles, University of California, Davis and K. Knasiak, Spraying Systems Co.
9:30 AM Session 2A / 1
A Benchmark Experimental Database for Multiphase Combustion Model Input and Validation - A Users Follow-up
C. Presser, National Institute of Standards and Technology
  Session 2B / 1
Electrospraying Biologically Active Materials
N. Gowadia, D. Dunn-Rankin, University of California, Irvine
9:55 AM Session 2A / 2
A Generalized Analysis for Dense Sprays
W. A. Sirignano, R. T. Imaoka, University of California, Irvine
  Session 2B / 2
Atomization Using MEMS-Based High-Frequency Ultrasonic Nozzles
S. C. Tsai, California State University, Long Beach, Y. L. Song, Y. F. Chou, J. H. Cheng, and C. S. Tsai, National Taiwan University, Taipei
10:20 AM Session 2A / 3
A New Dual-timescale Langevin Model for Dilute Droplet Laden Turbulent Flows
G. M. Pai, S. Subramaniam, Iowa State University
  Session 2B / 3
DNA Acts as a Nucleation Site For Transient Cavitation in the Ultrasonic Nebulizer
Y. K. Lentz, T. J. Anchordoquy, University of Colorado Health Science Center, C. S. Lengsfeld, University of Denver
10:45 AM
  Chairpersons: M. Herrmann, Stanford University and C. Lengsfeld University of Denver   Chairpersons: S. Londerville, Coen and G. Smallwood, National Research Council, Canada
11:00 AM Session 3A / 1
A Comparison of Models for Shear-Driven Liquid Film Separation around a Corner
Y.-P. Wang, M. Thiruvengadam, J. A. Drallmeier, B. F. Armaly, University of Missouri-Rolla
  Session 3B / 1
High-Speed Mie-Scattering Measurements of Diesel Sprays Under MK Combustion Mode Within a HSDI Diesel Engine
T. Fang, C. F. Lee, R. A. White, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
11:25 AM Session 3A / 2
Nonlinear Pattern Formation in an Inviscid Liquid Sheet
L. Hadji, W. C. Schreiber, University of Alabama
  Session 3B / 2
Towards a Predictive Modelling of Transient Injection Conditions of Diesel Sprays in DID Engines
P. J. Beard, IFP
11:50 AM Session 3A / 3
Effect of Liquid Viscosity on the Instability of a Swirling Annular Liquid Sheet
J. Sekar, A. A. Ibrahim and M. A. Jog, University of Cincinnati
  Session 3B / 3
LES-VOF Simulation of Primary Diesel Spray Break-up with Synthetic Inlet Perturbations
M. Buonfiglioli, F. Mendonca, CD-Adapco
12:15 PM Session 3A/4 - none   Session 3B / 4
Numerical Study of Flame Lift-off and Soot Formation in Diesel Fuel Jets
S.-C. Kong, Y. Sun, R. D. Reitz, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Conference ends

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